DIY Home Decor Trends for the New Year (Including 2023 Colors of the Year!)

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DIY Home Decor Trends for the New Year (Including 2023 Colors of the Year!)

Trend #1: Vibrant Colors

2023 is the year we break away from sterile whites and plain grays. On-trend colors are bolder and more vibrant, reflecting the joy and liveliness today’s buyers are seeking in a home.

This year’s 2023 Paint Colors of the Year list from Better Homes and Gardens reveals a richer, more dynamic color palette than we’ve seen in years past. Vibrant raspberry and blue-green jewel tones top the list, while the neutral tones feature a mix of burgundy and brown called Terra Rosa and beige-blush paints that add a touch of pink.

Trend #2: Display Spaces for Collections

Any list of home-selling tips for 2023 should make room for at least one prominent display space. This space allows the homeowner to showcase collections and prized possessions front and center. Have a wine collection languishing in the basement? Shine up those bottles and show them off instead—in a dedicated, built-in space. Do you make models or collect books? How about plants? 2023 is about celebrating your authentic self, and a personalized showcase for meaningful objects lets homeowners express their personalities, hobbies, and values.

What about staging? It’s common wisdom that depersonalizing your home makes it easier for buyers to imagine it as theirs. That’s true! But the real selling point is the space itself—not the objects on display. If prospective buyers collect art, musical instruments, personal mementos, or something else, they’ll love that your home includes a spacious, well-lit display case or area for their favorite items.

To DIY this trend, you can take any small, unused space and install shelves as well as optional LED light strips and glass panes. Try this DIY tutorial from XO My Home.

Trend #3: A Return to Gentle Curves

Sleek, sharp lines dominated home design trends for many years. We saw the beginning of a shift away from this in 2022, but for 2023, straight-line syndrome is officially out. An increasing number of buyers respond better to gentle, soft curves as a primary design motif. This change stems partly from the desire for something different and partly from curved shapes' relaxed, natural look. Natural indoor accents like stone, wood grain, and living plants swept into 2022 with strong staying power, and 2023’s curvy shapes complement that trend beautifully.

To DIY this design, you can start by replacing angular, geometric furnishings with softer, more rounded ones. Circular and oval-shaped tables, curvy shelving units, and sofas with rounded backs are all great options. Go for wall hangings and art with natural forms and big, circular clocks. Looking for a more permanent approach? You can mimic arched architecture with paint—or if you’re feeling really ambitious, transform a standard doorway into an arched one yourself.

Trend #4: Bold Kitchens

If you want to sell your house for top dollar, make sure your kitchen draws the eye as a key feature. Buyers want more than just a utilitarian food preparation space in 2023—and the all-white minimalist look is a thing of the past. Instead, your kitchen should be modern, gorgeous, and full of character. Pairing dark, textured stone with rich colors is a good place to start. Quartz, soapstone, and granite countertops can all provide a naturally luxurious look, while marble is a good choice if you have opulent taste and a flair for the dramatic.

You'll want your kitchen appliances to complement your design if you're going to sell your house for top dollar. Streamlined induction ranges, double ovens, refrigerators, dishwashers, microwaves, and other devices should match to give your kitchen optimal functionality while lending it a unified look. Looking for even more value? Opt for smart appliances that integrate with other popular smart home tech.

Sell your home in 2023 with trend-forward designs

Trendy home design can go a long way toward making your property irresistible to buyers in 2023—but the real magic happens when you combine these tips with professional real estate expertise. Tell us what your goals are, and we’ll tell you exactly how to get there from here.

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